In the Winery

by Angie Tieling, March 5 2010

Vintage 2010- With a bullet!

Well, vintage is here and it has come with a rush. Everything is ripening at the same time and that means all hands on deck in the winery when the grapes start coming in.

This was the first batch of fruit for the year, some early ripening Merlot, and what we are showing here is the process of getting it from grape bunch to individual berry and into the fermentation tank.

Part of that process at Dombeya is making sure that all the undesirable bits (leaves, stones, stems, bugs, even snails!) don't make it into the ferment. That's why we have a sorting table- it just adds that extra element of quality to our winemaking, ensuring that we can maximise quality to the highest degree.

Check the process out in action by clicking on the screen.

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