Dombeya News

by Angie Tieling, September 17 2009

Dombeya Chardonnay 2007 wins Gold at 2009 Tri-Nations Challenge

More good news from the Tri-Nations Challenge just completed. The Dombeya Chardonnay 2007 was again chosen to compete in the Chardonnay class, and to our delight, won a gold medal.

To put this in perspective, we were in an open class against the very best Chardonnay's from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Some of the wines retail around the $100 mark, including superstars like Leeuwin Estate and Yattarna. The Dombeya Chardonnay, in US$ terms, retails around $10 in South African rand tems. Too cheap, of course, and a source of great teeth gnashing from us, but a bargain for the savvy Dombeya drinkers in the homeland.

Some of the other gold medal winners this year were Leeuwin Estate, Yattarna, Ata Rangi and Chamonix. It has been a great year for Dombeya.

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