Wine and Food

by Grant Dodd, August 7 2009

Talking Wine- The 'Five Flies' crew hit Dombeya

They're a likely looking bunch...this is the team from the excellent Cape Town restaurant, 'Five Flies', who popped out to Dombeya in between shifts to taste some wines with us on Saturday.

Five Flies is located in the heart of 'old' Cape Town, and have been around long enough to be considered in the establishment given the fickle nature of the Cape Town dining scene.

They're just another Cape Town restaurant that has listed Dombeya in the past month, so it was great to have them out to the cellar to taste some wine and share some delicious pizza. They have an excellent wine list and the staff are some of friendliest and most enthusiastic people you will meet, so if you are in the area drop in and say hi.

14-16 Keerom St, Cape Town

Click here to go to Dombeya Wines website.