On the Road with Dombeya

by Grant Dodd, August 6 2009

On the Road with Dombeya- July in J'burg

It would be nice if you could just sit at home on the farm, make wine, and have people flock to your door wanting to buy your whole production.

There are a few producers for whom this system of commerce holds true, but not many. For most in the ever expanding world of fine wine, the only way to garner a following and to sell product is to hit the road and meet the people who are selling and drinking your wine.

This of course means time away from the Cape winelands. The biggest domestic market for wine in South Africa is Johannesburg, and it is a market that needs constant massaging and attention because there are hundreds of other producers all trying to get a foot in the most of the same doors as you.

There is no magic formula for wine sales. Positive reviews from opinion leaders are important, but getting your wine into the mouths and onto the tables of consumers who shell out their hard earned for the privilege is where it is at.

It is for this reason that dinners like the one we held at the Local Grill, Hurlingham, are worth their weight in gold. You get to meet great people who are passionate about wine and keen to find out about new brands like ours. You get to have an enjoyable evening with like-minded wine lovers, and in most instances, sell a few bottles of wine. In the wash-up, hopefully you also end up with a few people who feel connected enough to your wines to continue supporting you and who tell their friends and colleagues about them as well.

We had a terrific night with around 25 or so people who were members of The Local Grill's wine club. Most of them were newcomers to drinking Dombeya. Nights like these make you understand what the trek up from the Cape and the slow slog through the J'burg traffic is all for.

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