On the Road with Dombeya

by Grant Dodd, July 24 2009

On the Road with Dombeya - The Garden Route

OK, so trade visits are supposed to be all work and little play. Sometimes though, when the weather is horrendous, cold, and wet like it was the last couple of days, being inside is better than beating the pavements in off-season Knysna and George on South Africa's beautiful Garden Route.

And you can't get much more 'inside' than the lengendary Cango Caves. The caves, 40 minutes inland from George, are some of the most spectacular in the world, and open to public to visit and explore.

Inhabited by the Karoo Bushmen for 10,000 years, they were discovered by white settlers in the late 1700's. By the 1960's, they were
a major tourist attraction. So large were various cathedrals within the chain of caves that a number of classical music concerts were held
inside them over the years. These events came to a grinding halt however when punters started venturing into the caves and breaking
off stalactites as souvenirs, some of which had been growing for over
800 000 years. The evidence of this thoughtless opportunism is only too obvious, and sadly has deprived future generations of enjoying some of the most amazing, naturally derived acoustics on the planet.

The Cango Caves are a must visit for anyone venturing down this way. The basic tour takes an hour. For the more adventurous, a 90 minute journey through more challenging terrain on your belly and hands
and knees awaits. Both are well worth the investment of time. The cost is 60 rand per person.

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