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by Angie Tieling, June 30 2009

Terroirism, Lawyering up and Points about Points

A quick scan around the wine world finds an analysis of South African 'terroir' driven wines by leading French journalist Michel BettaneThe Frenchman recently spent time in South Africa judging at the Trophy Wine Showand had some interesting thoughts on the direction of SA wine, many of which have been commented upon here by writer Neil Pendock

Dr Vino,wine blogger of reknown, takes a look at some mysterious wine ratings eminating from Wine Advocate reviewer Jay Millerwho dropped a 62 point rating on a highly regarded Chilean wine. You'll have to read the comments section for a full explanation.

In Australia the failure of a raft of massive managed investment schemes which had vineyard plantings as a centrepiece of their strategy has led to a number of class action suits being pursued. The Timberland and Great Southern companies have collapsed this year under the weight of debt that they were carrying, in the process exposing the frailty of a business model built around generous government tax concessions rather than asset or income growth.

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