Industry News

by Angie Tieling, June 17 2009

Le Montreal-chet?

More evidence emerging of the difficulties being faced by French wine farmersat the less glamorous end of the appelation system. A new book about to be published suggests that up to a third of those who occupy Bordeaux AOC status may lose their businesses within the year.

The Dr Vino blog, amongst other things, looks at an attempt by the Canadian wine industry to build its profile by conducting a ' Judgement of Paris' style Chardonnay tasting The details of all the wines tasted aren't listed, but given that a Canadian wine won there is a bit of hoopla from within Canada to get the word out. Of course, seeing what it was up against would be quite instructive. A Rosemount Estate Chardonnay from Australia came third.

Alder Yarrow on his blog looks at the state of the Californian wine game and the flow on effect of lower sales on a major start up in the wine logistics game . The US wine industry is strictly controlled from a distribution and retailing point of view but with the potential entry of Amazon into wine retail on-line the market may be about to open up. In that eventuality, logistics will be a key issue to be dealt with, so it is interesting that the business mentioned couldn't make a go of things.

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