Industry News

by Angie Tieling, June 10 2009

Rose-ish No More

A quick round up of the week in wine news comes up with Dr Vino detailing a few of the mini-drama's surrounding the French wine industry. At the top end of Burgundy and Bordeaux all seems to be rosy, but not down in the trenches where sales and unit prices are falling. A proposal to allow rose' to be made by blending red and white grapes (rather than the traditional saignee' method) created uproar, and has just been outlawed. The struggling French farmers will have to come up with another means by which to shift their excess inventory.

Jamie Goode covers his Australian experiences at the Landmark Australia tasting in his typically passionate and thoughtful way, Jancis Robinson looks at Matthew Jukes'Top 100 Australian winesfor the year and finds much to like, and Jancis's offsider Julia Harding waxes lyrical about the Landmark Australia tastings she has also been attending this week.

Finally, Ton Wark from Fermentation discusses the tricky issue of Wine PR, a matter close to his heart.

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