Talking Wine

by Angie Tieling, June 2 2009

Speed before the Fall

The ongoing saga of Dombeya assistant winemaker Wikus Pretorius continues. Regular visitors will recall that a coupe of years back, Wikus had a horrendous motorcycle accident and snapped his femur in half just below the hip.

The recovery process included having a steel rod inserted into his leg, and having the femur attached to the rod by screws. Then he had to be on crutches for some months, undertaking rehab and working to try to get some muscle back in his leg.

A year and a half later, it was time to take the rod out. Unfortunately, another disaster struck. The rod had snapped inside the leg, meaning that the leg had not healed straight. It therefore meant that the old rod had to be taken out, the leg re-broken, straightened, and a new rod inserted and attached.

Four and a half hours in surgery later, the job was done. Needless to say, we are now without an assistant winemaker for a while. Wikus will be lying down for the best part of a month, and has to stay off his leg for three months before he can start to walk around with pressure on the limb.

Needless to say, the motor-cross bike has gone to another home. We all wish Wikus a speedy recovery.

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