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by Rianie Strydom, June 1 2009

Gongs for the Big Brother ( or should that be Sister?)

We've got a looming gender indentity crisis- should our Haskell brand be nominally male or it a big brother or big sister? Does it come down to wine style, or the gender of the winemaker, or should we avoid all the implications and complications and just be friends?!

We'll work it out. The great news is that the Haskell Pillars Syrah 2007 has been awarded a Gold Medal at South Africa's most credentialled wine show, The Trophy Wine Show, one of only seven gold medals to be awarded for red wines. It is the first release of this wine, and the first in the Haskell Syrah Vineyard Series, an exploration of site and terroir that is a particular focus of the Haskell program.

The Haskell brand has been a work in progress ever since we started, and the goal was specifically to produce wines that could stand toe to toe with the very best that South Africa was capable of producing. Whether we have done that or not is up to others to decide, but we are ecstatic with what we have put into bottle and very comfortable that we have at least met our own expectations. It will have taken us the best part of five years to bring the brand to market.

The Pillars Vineyard is a single site, with a very high stone fraction content on the Haskell Vineyards estate. It is just under a hectare in size, and produces beautifully fragrant fruit with a decidely floral/rose petal aromatic quality. The delicacy on the nose is also apparent in the flavour profile, with lots of attractive red fruit and great purity of flavour. We'll have more info on the new Haskell Vineyards website when it is up and running in the near future.

The Haskell SVS wines will be released to the market on November 1. The flagship Bordeaux blend, Haskell IV, will come out in February 2010.
For sales inquiries on the Haskell brand, please contact Rianie Strydom at , or call at 082 290 6399.

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