In the Vineyard

by Wikus Pretorius, May 21 2009

Hades Vineyard

Now, we haven't quite decided on the name as yet, but naming this site after the ancient Greek name for hell would be entirely appropriate.

We had to remove over 100 tonnes of rock and stone in order to be able to plant anything! It's just a rugged, gnarly, single vineyard that only a mother could love, but perfectly suited to growing premium Syrah grapes. We're very excited about the potential of this vineyard site. Now we just need to be patient.

The slope faces North, with the soils classic tukulu underneath a layer of heavy stone (sandstone and granite) fraction. Planting Syrah in tough soils seems to bring out the best in the grape, restricting its yield and in our case; it seems to induce a fragrant 'rose petal' like perfume in the resultant wine.

This vineyard was only planted in late 2008, so it probably won't produce any fruit until 2011, and from then we'll assess the quality on a year to year basis to see if it measures up to our lofty expectations. But anyway, we thought it would be interesting to show you what qualifies as 'great' vineyard land- needless to say this sits someway outside of what many people would expect.

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