Talking Wine

by Angie Tieling, May 12 2009

Spit or Swallow?

A new website has popped up in South Africa, . Make what you will of the title, but it is seeing a lot of traffic and creating a fair amount of comment. The site allows people to rate their cellar door experience when visiting South African wineries. It has a clean, bright look and is easy to navigate, an excellent example of how to lay out a website and make it attractive to visitors.

We'd also hazard a guess that the numerical ratings are a little easy to manipulate to the advantage (or disadvantage) of producers who have a vested interest in seeing their winery high on the ranking list. Still, nothing is perfect and the fact that this service actually exists is a bonus for South African wine producers who are trying to publicise their brand, and what they offer at cellar door. How the owners of the site find a way to monetise the website will be an interesting part of its evolution.

Anyway, we're on there, along with a cracking review from a couple of young ladies who popped by to try some wine. We're not sure whether they like the wine of our winemaker Wikus the most, but you make your own mind up!

Click here to go to Dombeya Wines website.