On the Road with Dombeya

by Grant Dodd, April 6 2010

On the Road with Dombeya- Prowein Days 2 & 3

It has been raining steadily since I've been here, just misty style rain but constant. Fortunately, it hasn't been cold at all, with temperatures hovering between 10 and 14 degrees. I expected something much cooler, and prepared accordingly. All I ended up with was a bag of clothes that didn't get worn.

Took the opportunity to check out a couple of halls, namely the French and German offerings. The German hall was very classy, well laid out, with the sub regions grouped together and access fairly easy despite the crowds. Tasted some wonderful Kabinett and Spatlese wines from the 2009 vintage, the Maximim Grunhauser wines particularly impressive.

Then it was back to the French hall for a quick look, and on to Hall 6 to start the day. The best looking section in our hall was definitely that of the Portugese. Stylish, well appointed booth's, good lighting; a lot of thought had gone into it and on a quick tasting the wines, especially the dry reds from the Douro, were impressive.

Half way through the second day, Kajsa Bergqvist came by to taste. Kajsa is a legendary Swedish high jumper, a real icon who has now moved onto a new love- wine. She has started a wine import business in Sweden and fingers crossed, will be also distributing Dombeya and Haskell there in the near future. She digs our wines and even though she had tasted them with Rianie in South Africa recently, she came back for a second helping to confirm her previous thoughts. Stand by for more news on when our wines will be available in Sweden.

The other market that looks like it will open up for us is Holland. We met a couple of importers who were keen on the wines, but these decisions take time and in this game you need to be patient. We have high hopes though, and like Sweden, we'll let everyone know when the dotted line has a signature on it.

Pictured are our German importers, Stephanie and Gerhard Kloos (of Kloos and Kloos).

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