On the Road with Dombeya

by Grant Dodd, April 6 2010

On the Road with Dombeya- Prowein Day 1

The first thing you notice about Prowein is just how huge it is. Seven massive halls, all packed to the walls with wine producers looking to sell their wares to the world.

As a producer, it is easy to have a somewhat insular view of your importance to the wine world. Rightly, you view your brand as having cache', and hold a glossy view of its place in the order of things. Only when you come to a show such as this do you have the opportunity however to fully realise just how massive an industry this is, and just how many people are in exactly the same boat as you.

The South African stand is in Hall 6, and with most people entering at Hall 1, it takes a while for the crowd to start filtering down to where we are situated. Once they do, it is fairly constant action for most of the day, one that starts at 9am and goes through till 6pm. Lots of tasting, lots of talking, lots of trying to make eye contact with important looking people who seem to be making decisions whilst tasting with other wineries. There's no point in standing there like a statue- Darwinist theory rules supreme in the wine industry, so you need to make yourself noticed, and heard. The rule of the four B's- be seen, be heard, be read, and befriend- are paramount in this game. Ignore them at your peril.

Some good prospects, and a lot of interest from German restaurants and hotels, so hopefully we will sell some more wine this year through our German importer Kloos and Kloos. A few more appointments tomorrow, so off to bed for a jet-lagged sleep and back at it tomorrow.

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